Florals are in rage this season. It’s a cool comeback. These pretty buds are showing up everywhere, not just clothes, but bags, shoes, hair accessories etc. So don up the cool fashion statement and beat the heat. Bright and Cheery floral outfits and accessories look cute and dressy. A certain charm gets added if you wear these outfits. Floral’s are being worn with ease by all age groups alike. Young girls, new moms and even our moms can 
wear something floral to enhance their look. Whether it’s those breezy flowery dresses, Strappy buds sandals, cool summer bags or the hair accessories there is something for everyone.
Florals have been in vogue almost every fashion season and almost treated as a classic. They can look very stylish if paired or accessorised well. Be careful of choosing a pattern that suits your style. From small tiny buds to big bold flowers there is a lot of scope to choose from. Team it well with single tone clothes. Excess of floral may just make you appear like a loud bouquet of flowers, and we certainly don’t want that. J Add florals to your ensemble but don’t overdo it, if it’s an accessory like a headband or a big choker that you want to flaunt then don’t add other flowery things to your ensemble.
What do you like most about florals? Share your views! J

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