My Tryst With Make Up!

My Tryst With Make – Up

I absolutely love applying make – up, however I suck at it. I am usually a Kajal person and once in a while a lipper. Right from college days kajal was my staple, I wouldn’t step out of the house without it. If I did by mistake my friends thought I was unwell or I had forgotten. J I felt beautiful with just a thin line of it under my eyes. However, post – delivery and the 30+ benchmark I started a fresh relationship with cosmetics. I started understanding what would look good on my skin type, features as well as the occasion. I tried on different stuff and identified what I would like to discard and what I would buy again. The Indian Fashion Scene has evolved tremendously and so has make up. Fashion and Ramp shows have always bent on dramatic styles, however one can dare to sport a similar look nowadays. Doing your own make – up is a trend setting in with the younger generation as well. I know a lot of young things who are firm on doing their own make up even on their big day. They know what looks good on them and also how to use the products to enhance their beauty. Kudos to these girls. I would be totally lost with boxes of eye shadows, nail enamels and lipsticks. Lollzzz..
Coming back to me, I decided that I need to have a look for myself which requires minimal effort and time. Well, because I am lazy and don’t have the time to learn the basics. 😉 Kajal had to be there of course, along with some other products that I invested in.


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  1. You look so adorable ! Loved your eyes ..


    1. Pinkalicious Scribbles says:

      Thanks so much Sangeetha! 😀


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