Some Chic Ways To Cover Your Swim Wear!

Summer is still around, well at least in some parts of the world. lollzz. So since I plan way ahead and the looks have to be right, so cannot leave this one out. When you are in your swimwear you are mostly showing a lot off skin and baring your body. Why not cover it up stylishly and relax if you don’t have plans of getting in the water. Sounds fun na?
Even though I love getting in the water and can spend a lot of time inside, yet the thought of lounging on a deck chair with my favourite book or just collecting my thoughts is just extremely appealing. And knowing me I just have to get the look right. Also, no swimsuit is complete without a matching cover up. The market is flooded with some lovely stuff and beautiful prints  and patterns. They cover you up in style, you don’t feel conscious of prying eyes and yet make heads turn with your attire.

My point is that I also want to bask in the sun with loads of sunscreen under an umbrella and just laze on a deck chair. I like to dress up my swim wear like this.

Of course if your agenda is to swim and swim some more then the above options would be off no use. However, there are times when you need to step out for a longer duration, maybe to feed yourself or your baby, a stroll, getting a tan or maybe just running after your toddlers: why not do it in style? Lolzzz..

What’s your swim wear cover up Style? Do you like it all bare or a modest cover up? Share with us your ideas.

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