Diet For a Six Month Old Baby

The diet chart of each baby is varied and unique as are these little babies. So planning out a specific diet chart is impossible. There is no hard and fast rule even about when you should start solid food for your baby. I started my baby on solids in the fourth month. His appetite was growing and Breast Feed as well as Formula wasn’t adequate for him so I tested waters and my son responded really well. He relished it so much the first time we fed him a quarter of a banana, that there was no looking back after that. 🙂

So, do not listen to the world about exclusive breast feeding is a must for the first 6 months. Concentrate on your baby’s needs and demands and then take a call. I must share a particular incident with you all to set an example. I was particularly worried when post the 3rdmonth my son would just cry post his feed.

I had recently started Nan Series as well so he used to be satiated after a top feed for a while. This was happening when otherwise he was an extremely cheerful and smiley baby. I consulted his pediatrician who patiently heard me out and then said that it seems your child is hungry even after you feed him. I was like yeah I too feel so, but what to do I have to breast feed him for another few months. He had the most amused look on his face and he said ‘Who told you that?? Would you rather your baby starves?” That really hit me. It made so much sense. Thereafter, I just ensured that my baby had a balanced nutritious diet.

So there’s no telling how your baby will take to this new experience. You may need a while to get used to different textures and tastes or she may tuck in straight away. Try everything slowly at one at a time and give your baby at least a week to get used to the feed. Do not Add Salt or Sugar to their meals. Once your baby is happy eating with a spoon you can increase the range of foods you offer.

Some options that I started for my little one when he was 6 months old:-                

·        Mixed puree of lentils. Try Moong and Masoor to start with. They are lighter and easier to digest.
·        A fine blend of mixed vegetables with potatoes (aloo) or rice
·        Yoghurt, Paneer or custard.
·        Mashed Banana
·        Stewed Apple
·        Mashed Egg yolks with milk

Make sure that you try making the food more nutritious. It should be a fine and smooth blend. Do not push your baby to finish your entire meal. It’s an introduction to solid food. They should enjoy the initial meals so that they get used to solid food. Be very careful about the quantities and the type of food you introduce to your baby. Too much intake of proteins, carbohydrates or fats won’t be good for the baby, There should be a fine balance in their meal. You can also buy readymade food if you are travelling; however it’s more advisable to cook home made fresh food.

Share your experiences about when and how you started feeding your baby solid food.

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