The Art Of Accessorizing

Truly an art and loved by all women alike. I don’t like to dress up or wear jewellery said no woman ever. The more bling the more trendy it looks. It’s all about making a fashion statement. Whilst it’s easy to accessorise it’s also important to keep few things in mind. If you can follow a simple rule to not overdo it, you can look fabulous when you don on even a big bright choker. The key is to look elegant yet stand apart from the rest of the crowd.

Accessories do change with the ongoing trends, however try and keep it more close to your aesthetics and preferences. Get the best quality you can buy. Do not compromise. They will also last longer and be your individual style statement. Your personality should not be based on the kind of look you carry, rather on the kind of person you are and also your expertise in your professional circle.

Some Don’ts to Keep in Mind:-

Do not go overboard with the accessorising bit. One statement piece at a time is good enough.You don’t have to wear all your junk jewellery in one go. While wearing your bling stuff don’t wear more than you can handle. People should not get the impression that you are a show off.

So go ahead Accessorise, wear your bling.. Shine On.

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