Fashionable New Mums

Becoming a Mom is easily the most exhilarating experience of all in our lives. The Joy we experience is immense and immeasurable. The journey of Mommy hood is beautiful and gratifying. Each day is filled with new learnings, new discoveries and of course new dilemmas. Are we doing it right, will the baby benefit from this or that, hope it won’t harm the baby, etc.

In the course of being a perfect Mom laced with expectations from the whole world, we forget that we are Women first. We have a tendency to quickly immerse ourselves in any role that is given to us, be it a daughter, daughter in law, wife and most of all as a Mother. Our World comes to a standstill and nothing but our Children take precedence. However that shouldn’t hold us back to look presentable and look after ourselves. More so because our bodies may change and in order to accept ourselves it’s better to be well prepared. 
Some fashion pointers I have started keeping in mind while getting dressed:-
  • Coats and Blazers –  The most easiest and fashionable way to look good. I personally love layers and they look so chic and smart. You don’t need warm coats; even cotton layering in this weather is great. So you can don a singlet and wear a shirt with jeans. Leave the top few buttons open and your look is complete. Make sure you wear a bright coloured coat to show the contrast. 🙂
  • Scarfs – Not only is it a versatile accessory, it also alters your look within minutes. I always keep a scarf handy. It also keeps me snug when I have to go for an impromptu movie date with hubby. 🙂
  • Skirts / Palazzos – I have taken a fancy to palazzos. I have always loved skirts, they are so much fun to wear and make you feel all girly and gorgeous. Palazzos also look great, pair it with a fitting top and chunky accessories.
  • Fitted Pants – I love cropped, fitted and coloured pants. They have been in rage all of last season, and continue to be so. My only problem is that I only have them in shades of pink and red. Guilty!!! 
  • Tees/Tops – Post pregnancy because of changes in our mind, our wardrobe needs to suit our body, we may need to make some serious changes. I personally love tees, however I keep those for the more casual and work out looks. I love lacy dressy tops and tunics. They look really nice and elegant and suit most body types.

Most important is to remember that we have a great individualistic style and should always stick to it. I admire some celebrity moms and often try and take inspiration from them.

Some Too Cool Celebrity Moms to get inspired:-

·        Twinkle Khanna – Fun, Feminine and Flirty is what best describes Twinkle Khanna.
·        Victoria Beckham – Known for her bold look, she is one classic mom.
·        Shilpa Shetty – The Print Queen. And she carries it off with so much ease that you really wanna be in her shoes.

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