How To Choose Fabrics To Flatter Your Body

We keep discussing about what kind of clothing looks good on what body type and also suits your personality. It is important to also choose the right kind of fabric for any outfit. Looking Chic and Stylish is much more than blindly following what’s in fashion – knowing how to dress your body shape and understanding the type of fabrics, cuts and designs that flatter you is the best way to show off your figure. Mostly, we all are smart enough to know what looks good on us, yet at times we tend to forget some pointers to keep in mind.
In this article I would cover some simple rules each and every woman should follow in an attempt to look presentable and in vogue. Honestly, it is a task with exhausting toddlers, work woes, erratic gym routines etc. to keep our looks and fitness in check. Apart from the basic rules about what kind of clothes compliments your body types, keeping a check on fabrics is also a good idea. With the ongoing trends and designers experimenting with varied fabrics, you have a lot to pick and choose from.

Some Fabrics you can explore on different body types.. Read more here –

Do you keep fabrics in mind when you choose an outfit? If yes, do share your pointers on how it is an advantage to wear the correct fabric for the correct outfit pertaining to your body type.

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