Styling Your Pink Outfits and Accessories

I know of very few girls who do not like the colour Pink. At least in some way or the other they have something pink in their wardrobe. ๐Ÿ™‚ Well, then you have the slightly obsessed chicks like me who cannot think beyond pink. I fell madly in love with the colour of Pink at the age of 3 and nothing has changed ever since. The Love Affair still continues and I just love exploring different shades of pink for different outfits and accessories. Sometimes, I am glad I donโ€™t have a daughter for I know that it would have been a fight to share my pink stuff with her. Yeah, it does put me in bad light but what the heck? I just love the colour and anything in pink, be it pants, tops, shoes, bags I love them all. ๐Ÿ™‚

For me Pink is the closest it can get to white when I am looking for calm and peace. It makes me feel pretty and confident at the same time. Anyone who loves beauty in its purest form has to love pink. It is a combination of Red and White colours. It combines both the energies, the calm and strength of white and red offers the potential to achieve anything.

So this is how I style my pink clothing and accessories -

Famous Designers like Valentino and Alexander Wang are also known to have played with the colour of Pink for bridal wear as well. How pretty is that? Varying from baby pinks, blush to hot pink all shades of pink were explored in the collection.

Pink never fails to give me a princess like feeling when I am feeling down and out. It instantly lifts my mood and I feel cheered up and forget my problems.

Is Pink your favourite colour too? Share with us your Pinky-Pink Collection.

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