Hands Full Of Earth

Off late I have observed that Moms including me are very anxious that our children are not as connected to our roots like we were. We only knew of playing outside, getting dirty and having a lot of fun.  Although, I have consciously ensured that my son plays outdoors as much as possible but not much can be offered in the clean and artificial sand pits the school and societies offer. And there is stiff competition from the idiot box and it’s add ones like  video games, I pads to name a few.

me and sonny ready for the event

However, I got really lucky when a close friend told me about an event for children and adults to get connected to Mother Nature. I was super excited to be a part of it. The event was called Hands Full Of Earth organized and ideated by a wonderful lady Preeti Bhandari. It literally emphasised on everything related with your Hands, Feet and other senses that don’t really get their due in our daily hectic lives. Kudos to her efforts and having managed it so beautifully.


Preeti and Me


It was organised on a FarmHouse thus there was greenery all around and a  rustic charm to the whole place. There was a plethora of activities right from pottery, feeding fish, petting and walking animals, going on a tractor ride, finding shells, playing with clay etc. Each activity reminded me of the charm of doing things slowly, at your own pace and really enjoying the time spent in doing it.

My son and I enjoyed the clay potting the most. Initially he was a bit hesitant about getting his hands dirty and wanted to know where was the washroom. Yikes.. Well blame it on the OCD genes from his mom. Anyways, once he started there was no looking back.


Who’s hands are more dirty??


getting dirty is fun!!


yay!! we made it!!


He also loved feeding the fish. It was his first time and he was squealing with delight to see them eat their food. A walk on the grass and getting drenched for no reason were small but very impactful activities for us. I couldn’t remember the last time I did it. Well, playing on Holi doesn’t count as one is prepared for it and there is a reason one is doing it.

Catching some fish


eat food fishy.

We went on a tractor ride and though my son has been on one earlier yet he enjoyed it as the surroundings made it appear like we were in a village on a narrow track.
A special thanks to my hubby dearest as he volunteered to come along and all the fabulous pics are courtesy him. 😍


Mister and Missus

Truly an amazing experience and would like to thank my lovely friend Sampada Vaze for having introduced me to Preeti.

P.S – stay tuned as I have some exciting collaboration coming up.

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