Mother’s Day – Today, Tomorrow and Everyday

One more day and reason to celebrate Mommyhood. Not that we don’t end up doing it year round. Once you become one it is a celebration each day. The Joy of being a mom is beyond compare.

This one is for you Mom who has raised me to become a strong individual in every aspect. I can’t find words to write for someone who taught me how to hold the pencil. You are the reason I hold my head high today and can manage a smile even when I am in pain. I am what I am today because of you and your dedication towards your baby.

There was nothing that you did not do for me. From pushing me to study hard (against my wishes) to preparing my favourite snack (Cheese Patties) which was served to me hot as soon as I reached home from work. Staying awake till the wee hours of the morning coz I was a rebel and insisted on working night shifts, to make my chai to reminding me to brush my teeth after dinner (I still get that😁). Your constant advice to shop less and control and manage my finances better (Shopaholic is a word mom and I am one 😕) to your encouraging me to loose weight (it’s the genes to blame) or work and be independent!! Mom – you have done it all. You always used to say you will thank me later. And yes over the years I may have forgotten to say it, but you do know how much your presence and suggestions matter to me. After my son was born I realised the unending efforts that go in to bring up a child.

How did you manage it all and so well? I find most days a challenge and you still manage to do it effortlessly. Apart from the times that your grandson exhausts you completely. Lollzz..

So not just today but for all the countless times you have been there and still continue too, I thank you mommy dearest. I love you to bits and am proud to be your daughter.


Cheers to you and me for now we are on the same side as Moms! And yeah I do tell Aedan – you will thank me later!! 😍

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