Oriflame Hair Products – Review

Just when I was drawing a blank to review stuff I got goodies from Oriflame. Yay.. And thanks to the Summers my hair were doing their own stuff, so it was a blessing that I got Hair Products. Now, am very bad with hair products since I am blessed with good hair. A quick blow dry at home is mostly what I opt for when I head out. On rare occasions I head to the parlour for a spa and styling. However, off late I have been experimenting with hair products. But they were quite a disaster and since I don’t review bad products it shall be a secret. πŸ˜‰
So coming back to the products:-

HairX Supreme Hold Hair Spray by Oriflame


Oriflame HairX HairSpray
Oriflame HairX HairSpray


Experience:- The first product that I tried and absolutely loved was HairX Styling Hair Spray. I loved the consistency not thick like most hair sprays. It smelt really good and the fragrance really stayed in my hair for long. My hair stayed shiny for a good couple of hours. Easy to apply and the best part is that my hair did not feel sticky. That is a problem I have with most hair sprays, they flatten your hair and make them look dull and oily. πŸ˜• But this spray from Oriflame is a winner. πŸ˜€ I applied a decent quantity and my hair remained styled for atleast 4-5 hours.

Appearance:- It comes in a sleek silver 200 ml bottle with a black cover. It’s quite big so maybe not ideal if you are travelling else it can sit pretty on your dresser.

Damages or Benefits:- The Hair Spray costs 449/- INR and depends on the usage how long it will last, however I feel that it is value for money even if you use it generously. πŸ˜€

Yay or Nay:- This one is a keeper on my list. My hair felt really good all day despite stepping out in the Sun for an hour or two. So finally, I have a Hair Product which I can use and be happy about.

Rating:- I would give it a 4/5 as it comes really close to your hair looking as natural as can be, it is reasonably priced for good quality.


HairX Smooth & Sleek Styling Hair Cream


Oriflame HairX Styling Cream
Oriflame HairX Styling Cream


Experience:- I tried the HairX Smooth cream after I had used the Hair spray so don’t judge me if I am a bit biased. Try it to form your opinion. πŸ˜ƒ A slightly thicker creamy like consistency. Apply little than usual to start with and then style. My hair style didn’t last as long as the HairSpray.

Appearance:- A 150/- ml Tube again in Silver and Black. This one is compact and easy to carry around. It is translucent and slightly thick. For best results apply to damp hair and style your hair as you wish. Even for heat treatment, it is advisable to use before styling with a dryer or iron.

Damages or Benefits:- The cream is all of 399/- INR. For 150 ml it could be tagged as a little steep. But again it entirely depends on how often you use hair styling products and in what quantity.

Yay or Nay:- I haven’t used this much but perhaps it will grow on me and I shall buy it again. Only time and my Hair shall tell. πŸ˜†

Rating:- I would give it a 3.5/5 as it’s tad more expensive and maybe you could get a better hair styling Product for a lesser amount.


Have you you tried these Products by Oriflame?

Do let me know your reviews.


Stay Fab and Kep Scribbling..












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  1. Jalees says:

    I think its an affordable product in the market according to its ingredients and manufacturing industry, oriflame is a direct selling company as we all know very well but since if we go to market ,my personal experience is actually I really don’t know which brand to buy because I don’t have any idea about their products ingredients,are they halal ,as I am Muslim so is there any animal fat in other products and many other reasons so I choose oriflame as the products are natural plus I am confident of their using of ingredients . I love this product rating 5/5


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