Trailblazing Celebrity Moms-My Top 5-by Payal Shankar

Check out my list of Top Celeb moms!! 😀


Top 5 Celebrity Moms

We see them on the pages of various magazines and follow them for their sense of style and achievements. We love them for their choices and faux pas. But we certainly can’t ignore them. After having become a mom there’s a visible change in my personality and I love these glam mommies for who they are.

In this blog post I bring to you my top favourite celeb moms and why I admire them for their unique qualities.

Sushmita Sen Sushmita Sen • Sushmita Sen – Bold, Fearless and the Uber Modern Woman, these are the qualities I can think of when I speak of the Versatile and beautiful Sushmita Sen. Her acting choices as well as her personal are different from the rest. In a country which has orthodox beliefs, she took a bold step to adopt a baby girl despite being a single woman. She is…

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