Lapping It!!

Since I work from home, owning a laptop bag was a distant thought. And even when I worked full time, I was never particularly fond of the boring staid laptop bags. Firstly, no color and then too bulky.

Nevertheless, I do get out for one odd fateful meeting which never materializes. Well, let’s just say creative differences are one too many. 😏 So when I do step out, I usually carry my iPad and other stuff like a battery charger, a notepad etc. Off late, my extensive collection of handbags 😁 was failing to suffice and I would end up carrying stuff in my hand and end up dropping some or leaving it behind. Yes I actually left my iPhone at a coffee shop when I went to meet a prospective client.

Here I was walking out of the meeting merrily adding up the figures and jotting down my wish list when I realised my phone wasn’t there. But but I got it back, the client NO yet again.. 😉

So coming back to my hunt for the perfect laptop bag, I chanced upon this gorgeous baby from 3 Mad Chicks which also happens to be a brand with whom, I have a long association now. My search was over. It was THE bag I was looking for. Firstly, it is Pink and then it has lace, what more could a girl ask for??😇

I love the fact that 3 Mad Chicks is not just a young, vibrant trio but also have a social sense of responsibility. All the bags are made of artificial leather, thus saying NO to cruelty.




















Wearing:- Balloon Print Shirt – The Quirk Box, Pants – Vero Moda, Shoes – H&M also worn here Shoes  Laptop Bag – 3 Mad Chicks







5 Comments Add yours

  1. Same problem here i hate big, black laptop bags…this one is so cute xo


  2. Same problem here.i hate big, black laptop bags…this one is so cute xo


  3. Ritu's Style Diary says:

    Love ur quirky shirt paired with the bright pants 👍👍👍👍


    1. Thanks so much Ritu!! 😀


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