Forest Essentials Light Day Lotion Review

As you all know by now that I love anything natural. Especially, for my skin which is the most sensitive and needs that extra bit of care and attention. I have always believed in exploring new skin products and using what works best for my skin. I find it too boring to stick to the same products. My favourite natural products include Skin Yoga, The Body Shop, Khadi and Forest Essentials. These brands use natural ingredients free of chemicals and they are just magic on your skin.

First Impression:- An amazing product yet again by Forest Essentials. A Light Day Lotion with SPF 25 this is a must have especially for the Monsoons. It’s non-sticky formula leaves you leaving fresh and clean all day long. I said goodbye to sticky and oily skin after using this cream.

Packaging:- It comes in a nice gold lid bottle. Compact and easy to carry in your handbag.

Pricing:- Priced at 1595/- for 40 ml, one might feel it’s a bit steep. However, for the results on your skin it is a winner. It’s nourishing, smells heavenly and you need to use only a small amount daily. Also, it’s expiry is for 2 years so spending the amount is so worth it. Though, I guarantee once you start using it, you will finish yours in no time. 😊

Yay Or Nay:- Ohh most certainly a Yay!! I love it. The SPF content in it reduces the need for a sunscreen and protects your face from the harsh sun rays. I use it daily for best results. I can feel my remain smooth and supple all day long. 😍

So go Girlies go try this baby out!! 😉


image image


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