Sneak Peek in a Celeb’s Routine!

So, I finally got my lovely friend Sampada Vaze to do a guest post for my blog. Sampada is a known face for anyone who watches television. She is the original Halo Shampoo girl and has a number of adverts like Safi, Everest etc. in her kitty. She is a Model, an entrepreneur and a luxury blogger and her blog covers anything unique and different. I met her almost 10 years back and the one thing that I so vividly remember is her gorgeous smile. She exudes warmth and is one of the most charming human beings I’ve ever met. A Diva is what I call her. 😍

So, coming back to the blog post, she was very helpful and heard me out patiently whilst we brainstormed what we wanted to do for the post. Since my blog aims at connecting with my audience at the most basic level, be it an OOTD for the gym or my favourite lipstick, I wanted my readers to know how does a routine day looks in the life of  a celebrity blogger. And Sampada, did just that. She created 4 looks which covered her fitness regime, work, casual outing and a party night. Needless to say she looks smashing in all the outfits and her statement smile completes the deal.


So here you go…


As soon as I get up in the morning the first thing I do is head to the gym. I do cardio and weights on alternate days as is normal. Due to a hand injury I had recently put on a lot of weight-so I have upped my cardio regime lately and I do Zumba on alternate days. The trainer doesn’t give us more than a minutes break in the 45 min session so it’s real calories burn. As you you can see I love the color white and literally have hundreds of white t shirts. The shoes are special running shoes from Puma and also the tracks. The t shirt is something I picked up from Vietnam which incidentally is an amazing destination to shop.






Next up in my schedule is a dubbing session for an ad I did recently. You may wonder why I am wearing a sweater in the Mumbai heat but the dubbing studios need to be sound proof and are always freezing cold with the air conditioning much too high. So I am wearing a pastel blue sweater from Uniqlo and baby pink stretch denims from a local brand in Vietnam. With that I am wearing light golden ballerinas. As you can see from the pics I am still half asleep at 12 noon (even though I have finished my work out) so this is the time I have my morning cup of black coffee 🙂





Post my workout and my dubbing in the morning I headed to a casual lunch with the girls post which I planned to run some errands. I dressed in a bright yellow asymmetrical top from Asos, Jeggings from Sisley and light gold coloured shoes from Aldo.






While heading out for a night out-I wore a black jump suit from Zara, coral sandals from Jessica Simpson and a burnt orange statement bag from Ferragamo.





Hope you guys loved reading this post. 😊

Until next time, Stay Stylish and Keep Scribbling! 😇


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