PULA – The Unforgettable Rendezvous

Every Woman’s dream is to get dressed, look her best and go and have a good time leaving behind all her responsibilities – hubby, boyfriend, kids, in laws, work etc. 😬This is exactly what happened when I attended a Ladies get together 2 weeks back. And Boy it was so worth it. Woman from all walks of life and all ages came displaying one common feature – Their bright lovely smiles and sheer warmth for complete strangers whom they weren’t even sure if they would meet again. I admit I was very skeptical about attending it, it was a weekend and time with my family takes utmost priority. Funnily enough, this was how this point also became an ice – breaker. 😋 we all left our routine behind to experience something new and fun. Women entrepreneurs, home – makers  absolute super women in their fields interacted and bonded with each other. It didn’t take long for the room to be filled with lovely friendly voices. Well, what do you expect a room with 60 carefree lovely ladies?? 😎 Phones were abuzz adding numbers lest we don’t get to connect again which was highly unlikely considering the non stop jabbering and laughter in the room. 😱😉

This post goes out as a special thanks to Sonia Agarwal Konjeti who took so much effort in planning this and giving so many lovely women a platform to connect and form bonds for life. God knows how many hours she would have spent in arranging, co-ordinating the whole event. I remember my first interaction when I reached the hotel and was greeted by her warm bright smile. Sonia, her hubby and her friends were still wrapping up last minute stuff before the event started. Boy, that’s one dedicated lady. Kudos to you Sonia.

Each and every one’s effort for the success is worth a mention. Sonia’s friends Sneha & Sonam who were by her side throughout. The sponsors who contributed so generously and we ladies got spa vouchers, chocolates, photography vouchers etc. Dolly for the awesome cake, Sheetal who put in tremendous efforts to click 60 odd ladies in a span of 3 odd hours. P.S her phone has hung from the moment she uploaded our pics. The story goes that no phone is built to handle crazy non stop messages from over excited women thanking her. Read me for one – who is direct messaging her and squealing happily after she has told me that her phone has hung. 😁😇 ok guilty. 😛

So we all had a lovely meet up and some of us gelled for life. We said our byes and see you soons, also wondering when it would actually happen. The same doubts – what, when where came back. However, we are Women and we are here to stay with and for each other. Okay, little sentimental stuff just happened. 😏 But hey, what better proof that within 10 days of meeting we actually met up again today and I sensed the same warmth and friendliness.

More Power to us and God Bless and God Speed everyone. 😍

Till next time Stay Fab & Keep Scribbling! 😇

All of us! ❤️
All of us! ❤️
The lovely Sonia!
The lovely Sonia!



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  1. sangeeta says:

    Lovely lady…liked the article.. Brought back pleasant memories with you sonia Sneha n the likes…keep it gg.


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