Connections of a Lifetime :)

So some months back I connected on twitter with Lottie who stays in the U.K. Little did i know then that this would be an association of a lifetime and how lucky I would be to have made friends with someone who is such a lovely person and so passionate about her work. Kudos to you for your efforts to connect bloggers world-wide, give them a wonderful platform to monetize their hard work and help all of us grow together.
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Shopper Lottie
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Sharing my first blog post today:
The best part about writing for the magazine is that you are never told what to write on. All Lottie says is that whatever makes you happy. 🙂 i was skeptical initially wondering what to write for a global audience, she really put me at ease and that is when i decided to do an ethnic post with a modern twist. 

As much as I love indo – western outfits I rarely wear them. However, i was sorting out my wardrobe the other day and I saw this skirt and I knew i wanted to wear it. :) I had a lunch to go to over the weekend so i had my occasion right there. yay.

The skirt is a beautiful blue and has been in my wardrobe for almost 10 years now, the good part it still fits me. 😉Of course let me add it is a wrap around. lollzzz. ok no more jokes and back to the blog post.

Read the rest of the post here:-
 Photo 02-10-15, 1 02 55 PM Photo 02-10-15, 2 14 55 PM
 Until next time Stay Fab and Keep Scribbling! xx

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Jheel Khera says:

    Payal you write so well that now its becoming an addiction 😉


    1. Awww Jheel. That’s so kind. 😀


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