In the lap of nature!

So winters are soon going to be over. The jackets, shawls and boots go back to rest. So before i put all my stuff away, one last post on layering and my winter wear was a must. People in Pune will vouch for one thing, the awesome weather year round. That has spoilt us as well, now no other city seems as appealing. I of course am slightly different. Let us just say i am not a fan of any kind of weather. I feel too hot and too cold and too muggy anywhere i am. Seriously, i sound like one weirdo. heheheheh so nevertheless when my hubby and son are happy with a light jacket during the day time, i of course am all bundled up. Or at other times I am constantly fighting with my hubby to keep the fan on during winters. They just won’t stop making fun of me. ;( 

The idea behind this post was also to try and move away from my choicest colours being Pink and Orange. I have never been a huge fan of maroon or rust so i knew the next time i step out i will try and explore a look in these colours.  We were headed for a movie with friends and the movie hall makes me feel even worse. 😉 I don’t understand what they mean when they say  that the temperatures are regularlised, i just find it unbearably cold. So i knew i wanted to be well clad.

I was also in a decluttering frame of mind, so after heavily tossing and turning my wardrobe to pull out pieces that i haven’t worn in a while, out came my maroon pants from nuon at Westside. I teamed it with a black light weight long jersey from Benetton. I love it as it gives me a very snug and cosy feel. 🙂 The oversized printed rust scarf is one of my favourites. It is a silk one which i had to struggle to get hold off. It was made from one of my moms sarees and i begged her to give it to me for a ethnic salwar kameez. After a lot of resistance, she finally gave in. I am after all her first born and also her favourite. 😉 The suit is long gone but the scarf remains with me. 🙂 I wore my converse shoes as they were very neglected last few months. 😉 I picked out my red handbag from Hidesign. It’s one of the loveliest gifts i have got from my hubby and i end up using it sparingly for fear of spoiling it. 

I was very happy with the overall look. The colours actually looked lovely interspersed with the sunlight. 

And yeah i didn’t feel cold at all. 😉 So, i was pleased as a punch with my co-ordinated outfit. I also figured that i can wear other colours and they also look really beautiful. 


All ready
All ready
one more! ;)
one more! 😉
Side Profile
Side Profile

Outfit Details:-

Pants – Nuon | Jersey – Benetton | Scarf – Mom’s saree | Shoes – Converse | Bag – Hidesign

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