Funstation Lego

How hard we moms strive to get our children to play educational yet fun games!! 

In today’s jet age, it is a challenge to pry our kids away from the television and laptops. The solution is interactive games; however, they are a huge cost to incur. So imagine you invest in some wonderful games and your child gets bored of them in no time. Am sure most moms would agree it is really upsetting!

To combat this problem a young gentleman thought of a brilliant concept of renting out Lego sets.

Yes, you heard it right!

Now, no more buying ‘expensive‘ Lego sets! 

You can now enjoy the luxury of  having your child play with lego without having to spend exorbitant amounts and worrying about the fickle interests of your child. 




image image image









It is a simple and easy concept. You go on to the Funstation website . Select the age group of the lego set that you would like your child to play with, make the payment and the lego set gets hand delivered to your door step. Let your child play with it for a month post which someone comes and collects it from you. It is as easy as it sounds. 

There is also a second concept that Fun station has launched. It is called Fun-Kidpreneur. If your child has any lego sets that he has outgrown you could give it to them on a rental basis. When that set is rented out to another child your child actually earns part commission from that. Isn’t that super cool? They learn the importance and value of earning their own money as well as ownership skills. Your child is actually learning to be an entrepreneur. 🙂 

There are three plans available:-


LEGO® Sets upto PCS 250
Rent per 28 days,300 INR onwards


LEGO® Sets upto PCS 251-500
Rent per 28 days, 1000 INR onwards


LEGO® Sets upto PCS 500 above
Rent per 28 days, 1500 INR onwards

All plans have a fixed deposit which is completely refundable. And don’t worry if you are worried about one or two pieces that may go missing, Funstation won’t charge you extra. Free Home Delivery of your selected Lego set is provided to your doorstep once you choose a plan that you want to go ahead with. 

Funstation has established an enviable reputation of not just  being an exclusive but also a reliable as well as affordable Lego rental service. 

They are also in the process of going Pan India where our presence would reach out to cities like Ahmedabad, Bangalore etc. 

Kashyap Shah, founder and CEO at Funstation is passionate about his venture. He has had a long association with Lego toys. He has worked as a Lego mindstorm robotics instructor with an edutainment company in Mumbai. His vision is simple and appreciable. Kids should enrich their minds and enhance their creativity through Lego.

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