Spreading Love

When my overtly adventurous hubby asked me if i would like to do something completely different on Valentine’s Day, I was a tad scared. Worst case i thought he would take me for a trek or a long drive/ride and say the three magical words atop a hill. 😉  I said yes; however, little did i know that in the 12 years of knowing him this was the best gift he could give me. We decided to go to a NGO – Apala Ghar and spend time with some really amazing kids. BRC which is the biking group my hubby is a part of, organised the event, it was also my first ride with them and it was truly memorable.

Right from the moment we reached the meeting point, to leaving along with 40 odd Bulls on the road, to the interaction with some of the riders, it was all so amazing. Everything was well co-ordinated, there was discipline, fun, light banter and above all the camaraderie which just left me awe struck. It truly felt as if I’ve known them for a while now. 

Once we reached the orphanage it just got better.  Suddenly we had these little ones and their endearing smiles all to us. We got busy interacting with them: playing games, singing songs, clicking pics, getting to know them and most importantly spending time with them. You could see it on their young innocent faces, this is all they were looking for.

The children were full of beans, they were confident, naughty and it definitely speaks well of the gentleman – Mr.Vijay Phalnikar under whose trusted care they all stay. Apart from personal stuff that all the riders donated there was also a cash contribution which goes towards the welfare of these kids. 

I would take this opportunity to thank BRC for organising this wonderful ride and giving me a chance to spread joy and happiness in some young lives. I feel proud that my hubby is part of such a warm and compassionate group which has a social responsibility towards society. And yeah he did whisper those words sometime and it was magical. ❤ 


Me with the girls.. They were super excited at the thought of their selfie. :)
Me with the girls.. They were super excited at the thought of their selfie. 🙂
Photo 14-02-16, 11 31 56 AM
Mr.Phalnikar – a noble man with a noble mission. 🙂


Photo 14-02-16, 11 22 32 AM
Kids engrossed in a game of chess. 🙂
Photo 14-02-16, 11 13 10 AM
The naughtiest kid in the house. 🙂






Photo 14-02-16, 12 31 14 PM


My favourite pic. This is Khushi, the youngest child all of 4 with the brightest smile. :)
My favourite pic. This is Khushi, the youngest child all of 4 with the brightest smile. 🙂


The bright young girls. :)
The girl gang 🙂


Coordinates of the Orphanage:- On the way to Singhad is a village called Donage. A short 1 km drive from there is Apla Ghar. The ride is bumpy but your visit will be memorable. 🙂 I am definitely going back there soon and I know you guys will too. 🙂


Unitl next time Stay Fab &  Keep Scribbling! 🙂 

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  1. Ashima says:

    Life indeed is filled with moments that make you happier but its when we share our happiness with others in when we truly live! Keep inspiring others to share their precious time with the ones who need an extra bit of happiness……


    1. Agreed Ashima! 🙂
      Thank you so much,:)


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