Tara Sharma – The Enigma


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Think of something mystic, something magical and the name Tara pops in your head. She is so beautiful, supremely talented, a whirlwind of crazy emotions and so much more. It’s difficult to express in words her immense passion for everything good.

I have known Tara for years now and I think we met up a few times as well, however it is only now that we connected with our souls.

So we caught up for coffee after a long series of planning and cancelling. Ohh, and it was totally worth the wait.. 😉 Tara is very exuberant and exudes positivity. She is always brimming with ideas and has so much creativity that it is such a joy to interact with her.

RangTara is her baby, she started out in 2015 and since then its been an interesting journey. Prior to this she has worked with the fashion industry as a stylist for 9 years with brands like MTV, Cosmopolitan, Femina, Graveria, GrahShobha and also has rich corporate training experience. She has done Personal Styling of various International and Indian celebrities; Katherine Morgan (international model who walked from Paris to Lake Runway), Rakulpreet Singh (Indian Film Actress), Ali Zahir (International Model and Movie Star) and Honey Kukreja (Mrs.India Worldwide).


Though she enjoyed her stint, however she felt something was missing. She wanted to use her talent to the fullest and help spread joy and reach out to people.She is so creative and artistic yet, it took her a while to realize that it is her true calling, however better late than never. She introspected and realized that she as her name suggests is a shining star and with her creativity put together she has a noble mission of spreading the same joy and luminosity in other’s lives.

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She put’s in a lot of hard work and dedication to bring RangTara in its true essence to one and all. She takes pride in what she does – whether it’s an image makeover or her love for creating clothes, accessories from up cycled and recycled materials. Her 9 years of combined experience in training, fashion, designing and jewellery along with her penchant for entrepreneurship has culminated into RangTara, which is a long and cherished dream.

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Photo 18-07-16, 10 56 53                           Sharing her vision in her words:-

“We want to enhance your true beauty. We want to bring together visionaries, thinkers, artists, spiritual healers and people who deal in handicrafts especially in banjara/gypsy themes. We want to promote them, showcase them and give them space to think big all the while thinking big for ourselves.”

Love and Light,

– Tara.

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  1. geetikaberry says:

    Superb write up on a beautiful personality. ..Tara yes Tara you are a born star!! A visionary, a thinker, a stylist, a makeover artist, a healer. ..the list is endless. . yes you are able enigma yet you are so down to earth! I support you in your green mission too (jewellery made out of upcycled abd recycled material ! ! Sky is the limit for you to shine Tara!!
    Thanks Payal for such a powerful write up…simple words woven so beautifully straight from a passionate heart! Tara way to go babes!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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