Review – The Amuse Soap by RangTara

I am absolutely obsessed with aromas and scents. Floral, Sporty, Mystic, Musk, Fruity any and all I can get used to. 😉 I instantly feel relaxed and happy in a well scented surrounding. Not to forget it is a big turn on too. 😉  So when I was sent an aromatic soap hamper to review from RangTara I was simply ecstatic.

Payal’s Impression:- They looked so heavenly that i couldn’t wait to try them out. I was sent – The Amuse, The Detoxifier, The Healer and The Soother. I absolutely love the names, they sound so different and makes you identify your need with them. Finally, i opened The Amuse, it was pink in colour so I had to try it out first.

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Photo 24-07-16, 15 14 16








My first use of the soap confirmed my belief, this soap will be a permanent fixture henceforth. The ingredients used are – SLS (cleaning agents which are basically sodium salts), Glycerine, Honey, Aqua and the concentrated form of an original Gucci perfume. ooohhhh so so heavenly. I think I spent a tad longer in the shower that morning and I have a feeling it’s going to be regular.

Packaging:- The soaps are wrapped in colourful recycled paper. The best part about getting anything from RangTara is how they keep up with their vision of going green and avoiding anything to do with plastic or paper. The conscientious of this lady is mind blowing coz when I asked her that to market her stuff wouldn’t she want to use fancy packaging, Tara was like No, my products are so good and worthy that people will buy sans the fancy packaging.

Pricing:- Since it was a gift, I was unaware of the pricing, however I remember Tara had once mentioned that her aim is to bring not just the products but also the going ‘back to nature philosophy’ to people.

Yay or Nay:- I have already booked my next set, so of course a super super yay..  Kudos to RangTara for creating awesome products. Please do try it out folks, you will want more!

Photo Credits:

Eeshant Singh

Kautika Shah

Until next time Stay Fab and Keep Scribbling! 🙂

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