Seaweed Mattifying Lotion – Review

I was never in favour of sunscreen lotions. As important as they are my skin feels very oily and dull. I try and use face lotions which have some amount of SPF. Nevertheless, I picked this off the shelf as an impulse buy, in the hope that my search for the perfect sun screen lotion would end. It is an easily absorbed non-clogging, oil-free, hydrating and cooling moisture lotion with a sun protection factor – 15.

Payal’s Impression: Honestly, I wasn’t too sure about it. It’s innovative technology controls excess sebum and shine while delivering essential moisture to areas most in need. The block against sun screen’s was stopping me from buyin it. It said for combination to oily skin. I have a combination and extremely sensitive skin tone. But since it said it would control the oil so I wanted to try it out. After a while, the shine goes away, but you are still far from a mattifying look that it claims. It does nothing to control the oil production and my face starts getting oily after 2 hours or so. I wasn’t too happy with it

Pic Courtesy:- The Body Shop website

Packaging: The lotion comes in a small aqua blue plastic tube with a flip top cap. It is very innovatively designed as the stripes on the tube resemble a seaweed. The packaging is simple and effective. The cap shuts tight and you can easily travel with this tube with no fears of any product leakage.

Pricing: The lotion is priced at 1295/- INR for 50 ml. I felt it was a bit steep but then all Body Shop products are. 

Yay or Nay: I finished up the first one, however had no inclination to buy another one. The first reason was that I found it a tad steep, however if it had lived up to the claims of controlling the oil content on the face, I would have still bought it again. But, since that also didn’t happen, I decided to not buy it again. It is a Nay for me. 😦 

Until next time, Stay Fab and Keep Scribbling.. 🙂 



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