The Collective Affair

The Olympics came and went but what a spectacular show it was. Indian women just stole the show with their spirit, enthusiasm and victory. Women have always defied the mundane and come up with something fresh and unique.

So when I got chatting with Laveena Lanjoitam who is the owner and founder of Rent An Attire a one of its kind studio which rents bridal and party wear in Pune. She realises the importance of looking good on any occasion without burning a hole in your pocket, and how once you wear an outfit on a special day you wouldnt want to repeat it. At Rent An Attire, the outfits are handpicked by Laveena and  she  ensures all the latest apparel are stocked up. Her store is a must visit for anyone who is on the lookout for gorgeous outfits at affordable rentals. 

photo-28-08-15-01-41-19          photo-11-09-16-12-54-19


photo-11-09-16-18-01-32   photo-11-09-16-12-53-50


During our conversation she shared about an interesting concept that was in her mind. She wanted to host a monthly event for budding and upcoming women entrepreneurs.

Since I was the blogging partner for the event, I got down to my research of coming together with the name, theme and planning the event. After much deliberating and brain storming we decided on the name as “The Collective Affair”! It was extremely appropriate as the theme would revolve around women coming together collectively to support and promote each other. It was my first time covering a live FB event so I was very excited to be a part of it. Since I had to be up and about all day, I decided dress comfortably. 


Outfit Details:- Black Palazzos:- All About You | Fawn Crop Top:- Forever 21 | Pink Neckpiece:- Annie’s Scarves and More

We had three brands who participated in the event and there was an event partner as well.


The event was to be conducted at Rent An Attire’s studio which was really spruced up for the event. Laveena and her team put in a lot of effort and thought behind creating the right kind of space for each brand to be show cased. As it is the studio is classy and tastefully designed but on the event day it looked lovely and so inviting. One couldn’t help take one peek inside to know what was happening. 🙂

Brands which came together for “The Collective Affair:-

The Jewel Box:- Owned by the lovely and dignified Swati Mahule, The Jewel Box started in 2013 and is her baby. She exudes excitement whenever she speaks about it. Each piece of jewellery is handpicked by her personally. Her exquisite pieces are great for any and every occasion right from office to party wear or even for your special day.

photo-11-09-16-12-55-40      photo-11-09-16-18-24-40

Beatitude:- Charming and Ambitious are two words that instantly pop up when you meet the gorgeous Akanksha Kanwal Shukla who owns Beatitude which has handloom Sarees, dress materials and handcrafted accessories.. An engineering graduate who has chosen the entrepreneurial way to satiate her passion to promote the local artisans and weavers, thus giving back to the society. She single handedly manages everything – right from her online store, co ordination with the crafters to sales and promotional activities.

photo-11-09-16-17-42-17   photo-11-09-16-17-42-15







Natal Crafts:- This creative brand into handmade gift product range is owned by the dynamic sister duo Monali and Tejashree Chaudhari. Architect and Engineer by qualification respectively, these creative sisters found their calling in making Eco-friendly and hand made designer products which resulted in some amazing utility products. The products range from handmade birthday greeting cards, handmade love cards, handmade anniversary greeting cards terracotta jewelry,wedding gifts, crafts material, scrap books, photo albums, handmade paper etc. They also conduct work shops to promote this art.

photo-11-09-16-12-55-14      photo-11-09-16-17-49-52


Giftwala:- We also had the ever smiling Arpita Garud who owns Giftwala. She was the event partner and thanks to her the venue looked so inviting and pleasant. There were beautiful signages and standees created by her team. A beautiful photo booth was created specially for the event which was put to good use by all the guests who walked in as well as all of us.


photo-11-09-16-18-01-23  photo-11-09-16-17-57-58


The show was a superb success and every one who walked in loved the concept and the brands that were show cased. People enjoyed the stuff on display, and by the end we saw happy shoppers walking out with bags in their arms.

Laveena and her team put in great concentrated efforts into ensuring that everything went as per plan and people understood the purpose behind showcasing such events on a regular basis. The whole concept and theme revolved around women for women and how we can promote women entrepreneurs and help them progress.

 photo-11-09-16-12-55-23   photo-11-09-16-12-55-01

photo-11-09-16-12-53-31   photo-11-09-16-18-24-45

photo-11-09-16-17-56-53   photo-11-09-16-17-57-38

This is just the beginning to bring about a much desired change into how we look and foster women entrepreneurs. A sincere thanks to Laveena for giving me the opportunity to not just promote the event as a blogging partner but also being a part of such a wonderful initiative.

Also, thanks to a huge success of the first event and on popular demand, “The Collective Affair” will be a 2 day event hereon. The next event is scheduled on 1st and 2nd of October 2016. 

Stay Tuned for more updates.


Until next time Stay Fab and Keep Scribbling. 🙂 

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  1. Swati Mahule says:

    Very well written and nicly described Payal .Well done .And Thanks.


  2. archana says:

    Interesting concept and a wonderful initiative. Good luck!


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