Salabat Khan Tomb and it’s Legacy

I am not a big travel fan as I have terrible motion sickness. Thank heavens am not a travel blogger. lollzzz.. However, my husband’s passion for travel has rubbed on to me. Forget by air or train we do only road trips. And strangely I have started enjoying them. My wanderlust has even made me learn to pack sensibly.. well not really, but some things can’t change.. 😉

But, honestly I love visiting new places and of course thanks to my not being a co fun traveller we do short trips. 😉 

Over the weekend, we decided to visit Salabat Khan Tomb or Chand Bibi ka Mahal as it is more popularly called. The Tomb of Salabat Khan II is also commonly but mistakenly known as Chandbiwi’s Mahel, Chand Bibi Palace or similar variations. It is a three-storey stone structure situated on the crest of a hill, 13 km from Ahmednagar. 

The tomb is about 3080 feet above sea level on the top of a hill, 700 and 800 feet above the city, offering good views of the surrounding landscape and visible from almost anywhere in the city. It is believed that the structure was planned to be seven-storey but only three were built. The building is plain and having Eight sided platform. By the simple contrivance of a stone terrace built about twelve feet high and 100 yards broad the tomb seems to rise with considerable dignity from the centre of an octagon. 

Salabat Khan was respected and loved by the people of Ahmednagar. And now years after him, this place is nothing less than a tourist spot, even for the locals. I can actually spend an entire day here, with a good book and a flask of coffee. 😉

The beautiful Structure
The beautiful Structure Pic Courtesy:- Wikipedia
Me perched on the tomb!
He and Me.. ❤
It is just so beautiful! <3
It is just so beautiful! ❤
The view from top!!
The view!
My Munchkin! 🙂










Pic Credits:- Shohrat Shankar

Research and Information:- Google





2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ashima says:

    Salabat Khan has indeed witnessed most of us visiting it …be it a geddi trip or an outing for just for a picnic, It was always a pleasure to be there as a gang of friends exploring its mysterious nook and corners and the wild things we all did, scaring the shit out of everyone during late evenings……. Shohrat, will also remember the amount of hard work it took for most of us to pull the damn scooter up the winding roads! 😉 I am glad he has picked or pricked the travel bug in you keep travelling and keep sharing your beautiful memories….


  2. Mel & Suan says:

    So many historical places to see in India. The main sites seem to have overshadowed them!


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