The Formal Story!

As someone who enjoys modelling as a pass time, it is always a thrill when I get to do a photo shoot. I love the whole process of make up, selecting outfits and deciding my look book. It’s exciting and scary at the same time.  I am usually a flutter of energy till the final moment, and then i blank out. I get nervous around people and since I am not a professional model, it’s even harder to pull through. But, I would never give up on an opportunity to get clicked. 😉

I did my bit of research for the looks, as usual it had to be really different and not run off the mill. I have been wanting to do a formal evening gown look for the longest time and also something which is a little boho, out of the blue.

The black gown has been a hand me down from my sister. She is extremely particular about her clothes and fits and I’ve never met anyone who is as fussy as her. So when she had had enough of this gown, I got it. It fit like a dream and I knew I had to be clicked wearing it. I wanted to keep the look clean so I wore no accessories except a statement ring and small earrings.



Hope you liked my outfit and styling. Do let me know any other looks that you would like me to create.

Until next time Stay Fab and Keep Scribbling! 🙂


One Comment Add yours

  1. Jheel says:

    Superb writeup and yes the look is dab😊


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