The Ethnic Vibe

I am not a big fan of ethnic wear, as much as I am told I carry it off better than western wear. I just find it cumbersome and think I end up looking awkward mostly. A pair of Jeans and a Tee is so much simpler, isn’t it? However, I have to admit, ethnic outfits are extremely comfortable, especially in the monsoons. Cotton and linen kurtas are lightweight and durable. They don’t stick to you and if you end up getting drenched, at least they end up drying faster.

So the other day while on a shopping spree at the Mall, I landed up at Westside. I have always been a big fan of this store and absolutely love their western collection and home stuff. Interestingly, for a change, my eyes only caught the striking Indian wear.

Westside has quite a few in house brands apart from their own like Bombay Paisley, Utsah, Wardrobe, Nuon etc. Utsah was one that I had never tried as it was ethnic wear, however the collection looked lovely. Vibrant colours and prints on straight fit kurtas, A – line kurtas etc formed the collection.

This cream kurta from Utsah has some sanskrit writings and looked so chic so I picked it up. It had a high neck and those are a blessing in disguise in ethnic wear because you can avoid the whole dupatta rigamarole and for someone as clumsy as me, its safer as I wouldn’t trip on it. 😉 I liked a few more, but i resisted my temptation. Yeah sometimes I am able to master that.  Good Job.. Pat on my back. 😉

For my look, at first i thought, I’ll pair it with black leggings. However, by the time I reached home I had changed my mind. Yeah, womanly things and unapologetically so. I wanted to go in for a more formal look so I matched it with cream linen pants. It was also perfect for the monsoons as the fabric lets you breathe and keeps you cool.  Since the entire outfit was a monotone in cream, I decided to contrast it with red lipstick and bindi.

Sharing some pictures, hope you like them.




















Until next time Stay Fab and Keep Scribbling! 🙂



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  1. You slay girl!
    Keep scribbling.


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