The Boho Vibe

Hey guyz, how is it going? It has been a maddening month for me.  From events, doctor visits, guests over, festivals,  it all had to happen together. For a change I can’t even complain that I don’t have pics, its just plain procrastination on  my part. So as always I write this blog post with a promise to be regular yet again. 😉

I am a big fan of the whole boho, chic vibe.  Boho comes from the French word bohemian which means wanderer, gypsy traveler and a trippy soul. I don’t  know how much of a Boho person I am in terms of my sense of dressing but I definitely behave very boho. I dont conform to norms, I always want to do something different and basically defy logic. Well, that is the Boho Me.

I chose a Pink polka dotted dress for my look, the dress on it’s own was pretty boho and crazy. Since I wear more of flats I teamed it with keds and chunky accessories. I left my hair a tad messy to get that wild whimsical effect.

Sharing some pics of the look I created to define my Boho style. Hope you liked it.

Outfit Details:

Dress – Local Store

Keds – Mast and Harbour

Bag – Esbeda

Sunnies – Dressberry

Accessories – Vero Moda, Annies Scarves and More

Until next time stay Fab and Keep Scribbling.











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