The Art of Make Up!

We girls love our make up to bits. Whether it’s our darkest black kajal pencil, or that bright lipstick, our blush on or the eye palette, we all have our personal favourites. I am obsessed with kajal and other than using a lipstick, I have very little idea of how to put together a complete look.

So when the lovely Fiona who owns a luxury salon –  Blue Heaven, organised a make up workshop I just had to attend it. It was a wonderful interactive session, meeting up with the talented Sameer Galsulkar a professional make up artist and we thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. Our model was the lovely Shivali Gawande who is an animal lover and a self confessed fashionista.

I had an interesting chat with Sameer post our make up session.  He shared about how he started his journey and how he realized his calling in make up. In his words – “It was never a choice, rather I never looked it as a career option. Though I must admit, I was inclined towards it. I would enjoy the fact that my sisters and cousins needed my help with their eye liners or lipsticks. I started off as a medical student and after completing it dabbled in homeopathy but got bored and depressed as I couldn’t detach myself from my patients.

I hopped jobs after that from BPO’s to corporates and finally in 2011 decided to take hair dressing as a career and trained with TONI&GUY in Mumbai. Despite enjoying my hair dresser stint, I was still feeling something was missing and then around 3 years back make up happened and since then I have never looked back. Why a make up artist? Why not? This is one profession that never ages and make up is an instant mood lifter. One can highlight their features and you always end up seeing a different version of yourself. ”

Being a hair and make up artist is not just about applying make up on a client and taking your fees. It’s more about a connect where you understand your client, their expectations and why they need a transformation. Sameer explained the steps in detail and also the importance of each one. All of us who attended came from different walks  of life, thus our requirements were very different. Sameer was extremely patient in answering all our queries and which brands and products will suit each of our skin types. We were also lucky to learn a few short cuts and cheats to get that flawless look.

“Less is More” mantra is what all of us like to follow. Basically, go minimalistic and highlight our features and cover the flaws. We learnt tips and tricks to do exactly that. Also, even if you don’t like to use a lot of make up or a novice these steps are not to be missed.

  1. Cleansing
  2. Toning
  3. Moisturising
  4. Primer
  5. Concealer
  6. Highlighting
  7. Setting Foundation
  8. Contouring
  9. Blush On
  10. Eye make up
  11. Lip make up

Currently natural make up is trending. Top it up with a glow and you are all set. It is important to educate yourself about make up and use good quality products. Your face deserves all the pampering and using low grade products only ruins the skin and it ages faster. Invest in good quality products and always ask an expert to help you out with the right shades for your skin tone.

Once again a big thanks to Fiona for organizing this workshop.

People follow Blue Heaven on Instagram and Facebook for all the cool new trends and offers. You can follow Sameer Galsulkar on facebook and Sameer Iqbaal on Instagram.

Use my code PayalS to avail some exciting offers on hair and make up.

Until next time Stay Fab and Keep Scribbling! 🙂


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