Bike print on a Saree and Me!

Off late have been crushing on Sarees and needless to say this is one garment that defines grace and timeless elegance. I remember the first time I donned a saree, it was for my school farewell. I borrowed my Mom’s south silk  Purple color and as a teenager I thought it was so garish and loud. Such a fool I was, right? I think I’ll raid her wardrobe and see if I can get my hands on it. lollzzz. So yeah the farewell was a super success and we classmates are still as thick as that teary farewell afternoon. 🙂

Next I wore one was in my last year of college. Yes, I barely wore any ethnic stuff, even till after I got married. Silly notions that I did not look good. But, by the time I reached my college farewell I was more clued up and yeah it was also the fashion hub – Delhi from where I graduated, so keeping up with trends came naturally. This time it was a carefully selected black mokash work, again from my mom’s closet. Add to that a sleek blouse and I felt nothing less than a diva.

Years later, it is a new me who is crushing on sarees and spending a considerable time on Instagram trying to source some stunning pieces. Face palm. So my latest entrant is a gorgeous cotton one from Rukmini by Balaji Creations. It is an indigo blue with vintage bike print all over it. I love the vintage look attached to the saree and since I have a husband and son, both obsessed with bikes, I thought may as well join the bandwagon. The fabric is soft cotton and easy to drape. It has a running blouse fabric, however I teamed it with  a black and silver sports bra. Yeah, that is my weird element right there.

I kept my make up simple –  heavy kohled eyes and a bright red lipstick. A light eye shadow and blush so that my skin did not look pale.

Sharing some pics, hope you like them.

Pictures – Jheel Khera

Styling Support – Shabrie Padole

Saree – Rukmini by Balaji Creations

Mojris – Amritsar

Sports Bra – Only


Blue Saree


Blue Saree
Blue Saree
Blue Saree







Blue Saree






Blue Saree

Until next time Stay Fab and Keep Scribbling! 🙂

























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  1. Rahma says:

    The prints are so nice.


  2. Jheel says:



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