Hair Magic – Olaplex Treatment

Ola Peeps! What is been happening? I am trying to be more regular so here comes another blog post from me. Yeah, don’t I deserve all the love? 😉

All of you who know me and know me well, know my obsession about my hair amongst other things. But, I really love my hair and especially because despite coloring  and radical haircuts for the last 20 years (yeah it has been that long, I started messing with my hair) they have managed to retain their strength and health. I thank my good genes and healthy lifestyle for that. 😉

I remember when I came to Delhi for my bachelors to Delhi University, I had a thick black mane right down till my butt. I was actually asked if I was wearing a wig, why would an 18 year old wear a wig and that too such a long one, beats me. But, that is Delhi for you. I will love that city forever. Sighhh, my best ever memories, but will keep that for another blog.

Coming back to hair, it is extremely essential to love them and treat them right. Thanks to hectic lifestyles and drastic weather changes and not to forget the ever changing fads, hair health is ever deteriorating. And I don’t know about short hair, but long hair are getting harder to maintain. The thought of chopping them off comes to me at least twice a week (that also means that is the frequency of my bad hair days) Bummer!

Anyways, I do religiously oil them, keep treating them to home remedies and also go for hair spas. That is pretty much my routine. However, I recently got introduced to Olaplex by my sister. I had heard about Kim Kardashian using Olaplex and swearing by it to keep her platinum mane intact. But, after my own research I thought it was worth giving one shot at least. And anyways, anything to do with hair repair, considering the efforts I put in damaging my tresses is always a welcome.

I booked my appointment at Enrich after enquiring at a few salons as I found them clued up about the treatment. It is similar to any hair spa, but it is a 3 step treatment. And the results it produces are nothing short of a miracle. My hair feel absolutely soft, healthy and so incredible. So, this treatment basically works on all kinds of hair, and if you are thinking of getting your hair coloured, then that is the best time to get olaplex done as well.

The first two steps are done at the salon and the third product has to be purchased and used at home. It is a Hair Perfector and basically reinforces the first two steps. It is a bond builder and has the same ingredients as the salon products and works on hair repair and strengthening.

Since it is a scientific based formula, a lot of research has gone into making of the product.  The additive, Olaplex, is composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen chains. These molecular chains link broken disulfide bonds in the hair. Sounds so geeky no, but trust me it works.

Go ahead lovely ladies, try this miracle repair treatment and let me know your thoughts.

Until next time Stay Fab and Keep Scribbling. 🙂


The Products


The Hair Perfector
Simple easy instructions







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