When we were “Ba – Lika’s”

It is not an unknown fact on what a certified clumsy and lost person I am. It takes a lot to first get my attention and then keep it. Add to that, my daily  incidents of faux pas – falling around, breaking stuff and myself. Yeah, if you guyz did not know, now you do. So bear with me the next time it happens or better still document it and sell it on Amazon Singles. 😉

Anyways, the reason for this piece of information was to give you a preview of how I landed my next collaboration. So, while working on my not so great business development skills for my blog, I came across this brand called Balika. I really liked the garments and I wrote to them asking for a collaboration. I was so happy to get a response with the owner showing interest and asking further details on how to go about it. So I wrote back defining the plan of action. In the meantime, I was also going through the profile and I chanced upon a picture of the owner. She looked really familiar and that is when it hit me. We did our bachelors together in Delhi. Damnn! Welcome another sheepish moment. So I asked her if she had ever studied in Delhi around 2000? I did not want to sound creepy so was a bit casual. Her response – ‘Finally! I was wondering when will you ask me?’ So yeah we shared a hearty laugh and I am so happy to have connected again. And yeah that is also the reason why the blog is titled ‘Balika’ since we reminisced about our good old college days. 🙂

Since, I was already in love with the brand, I was extremely excited about what Reema was curating for me. Some things about the brand that is a must to know – Balika is a ethical  sustainable brand and Reema works only with handmade things. She believes in never repeating a design for a dress or a saree. Wow, that’s a lot of creativity and thought that goes in each design and garment.

So I finally got an easy breezy summer cotton dress in peach. That is the closest to pink for me and it was just perfect to beat this awful heat. The maxi is made up of pure mul cotton with a lining of the same fabric.  Mul is the nicest fabric to wear in summers and this one is so incredibly soft and comfortable. I spent the whole afternoon shooting and then having lunch, yet I was comfortable throughout. The dress has strappy tie ups and I was told  the umbrella flare required over 5 metres of fabric. Now you know why  boomerangs are so crucial. 😉

Thank you so much Reema and Balika for this wonderful association and look forward to many more. Good Luck and God Speed 🙂

Ladies – you can customise this dress and make to order with any fabric that is available with the brand. And of you use my code – PAYALS you get a 10% discount. Yay.. I think I am getting something real soon. 😉

Sharing some pics, hope you guys like them.



















Until next time Stay Fab and Keep Scribbling. 🙂

Outfit – Balika

Accessories – Ring – Annies Scarves and More, Neck piece and Earrings – Kashmir

Footwear – Koregaon Park

Pictures – Jheel Khera

Location – Kopp Koregaon Park

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