Choker Loving

Sometimes, mixing a bit is really a good idea. No I am not talking about Alcohol.

Come on guys 😉 I am talking about various looks and styles – modern and ethnic, old fashioned or contemporary. Fashion is so magical and evolving each minute, it is extremely hard to keep pace nowadays. New trends come and go sooner than you can adapt to them. I feel that makes it so exciting to keep experimenting even your personal style. I find it thrilling to carry off something that was trending even a year or two back. As such fashion is literally being circulated over the last so many years. So when I had two really interesting mixes, I decided to make a punch out of it.

My mother in law gifted me a gorgeous pearl choker and I had picked up a lovely navy blue off shoulder top recently. And me being me, wanted to wear it together. Read below on my ‘mixed warped story..’

I wanted to break the monotony of blue so I paired the top with my sequinned ripped white denims from Koovs. Since it is heavily sequinned, its a bit uncomfortable to wear for a longer duration. But a comfortable girly lunch was just the right occasion to wear it.

Off shoulders can be a bit tedious if they don’t fit well. You need to keep lowering from the shoulders to show off the collar bones. 😉  Yeah my friends keep complaining coz I’ll make them complain if the shoulders are showing equally from both sides. A tad high maintenance I know.

I loved the top for 2 reasons – One its a nice indigo blue and I don’t have any top in that color. The other reason was the smoking pattern it had on the front. It is very fun and girly and also takes away the  monotony of a single color.

Styling an outfit is a very personal thing and works differently for everyone. I think this look would work brilliantly if teamed with shorts as well. White would be a good choice as that would add color, else even denim can do the trick if paired with colorful flats.

Sharing some pics with you. Hope you like them.


Until next time Stay Fab and Keep Scribbling. 🙂




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