The Boho in Us!

Hey all you lovely people. What’s been happening? When I started to write this blog, I thought of coming straight to the theme and details about my outfit blah blah.. But then, that is not me. Just like there is a yesterday before today and a tomorrow to come, so is our lives. So I had to give you a little prequel. Hope you like it. 🙂

I started out with a fashion blog, intending to keep that wild and free spirit as my niche for the blog, because that is how I am in real life as well. I like sharing my life – good, bad and ugly and that too real time and as is with the least amount of filters. 😉 Well, okay not always.

However, in the course of time and based on certain situations and incidents I got distracted from the focus and lost track. It became mostly mechanical to just share nicely edited pictures aimlessly. There was a time when I was sharing more than one post a day and it still added value to my profile and work than this one picture.

So anyways, to cut a long blog post short (well, because pictures are more interesting) I decided to revamp  my feed and how my blog looks like. I chalked out some specific days for reviews, blog posts and general lifestyle etc. which is intrinsic and the core theme of my blog.

As different as we are in our personalities, yet there is something that binds us together. That is our inner child. We all have a hidden gypsy, a carefree soul within us. Some one who wants to just smile and bring a whole lot of sunshine everywhere they go. They are the kinds who just radiate warmth and love in everything they do for themselves or others.

Some people are truly blessed who can follow an out and out gypsy life. Travel like there is no tomorrow, explore new places and in the process explore yourselves. But that is not a choice for everyone. However, that shouldn’t stop you from living that life with your limitations. I had stopped doing that for a while because I was conscious of societal norms and acceptance from others. However, once you know acceptance is not a mandate to live your life on your own terms, you can be a boho gypsy again.

For me that gypsy soul entails just being myself. Happy and content in my space and doing my thing whilst handling my roles as a daughter, wife and a mom. These are the roles given to you by society, however you being yourself should be your favourite and most used one.

I have designed this dress keeping in mind my bohemian and understated style. It is an upcycled one out of a cotton mul saree. Since I had the full saree, I designed a two piece – a simple a lined sleeveless maxi and a long easy shrug over it. The maxi has broad straps and cute pom pom detailing.  I loved the end result, the white is just so pristine and gorgeous and simple and chic at the same time. Thanks to a two piece, you can style it differently for any occasion.

Pair it with funky boho earrings like I have done, or with statement silver antique jewellery.

Outfit Details:-

White Mul Cotton Saree – Suta

Colourful Jhola Bag – Janpath

Tan Chappals – Forever 21

Pom Pom earrings – MG Road

Sharing some pics, hope you like them. 🙂








Until next time Stay Fabulous and Keep Scribbling. 🙂

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