Venustas Essentials – The Home Spa

Hey folks, hope you all are enjoying the pitter patter. This is a special blog post for a dear friend. Seema Rai runs her natural home made bath and beauty brand by the name of ‘Venustas Essentials’. She sent me an amazing hamper which comprised of shampoo, hair spa cream and a bath and body oil.

Shampoo:  I always like to experiment with my shampoos and obviously the more natural and organic it is the better. This shampoo has some amazing ingredients like aloe… which are instrumental in hydrating and nourishing hair. I loved the shine and lustre it gave my hair with just 3-4 washes. Since it is so mild, I do mind using it everyday as I know it won’t damage my hair. It costs Rs.INR and is complete value for money.

Hair Spa: You guys know how much I swear by them. The one I tried from Venustas Essentials was just fabulous. It is a deep nourishing Moroccan Argan hair masque with creamy texture and easy to apply. I used it a few times to see the difference. My hair felt really them bouncy & shiny and the frizziness is reduced to a large extent. I massage it in my hair and as per instructions let it stay for 30 minutes. it treats and infuses the hair fiber with nutrients & moisture.  The hair masque is creamy in texture. You can feel the creaminess when you touch it for the very first time thus making it easy to apply on your hair on each strand.

Exotic Vanilla After Bath Oil: If the name isn’t inviting enough, you got to try this after bath oil to believe it. It is made of jojoba oil, seasame oil, almond oil, vitamin E and vanilla essence. The best part of this oil is that it can be used in summers too, yeah am not kidding. It is absolutely non sticky and greasy and just blends in the skin so well. The aromatic vanilla fragrance is to die for. After all Queen Cleopatra was known to indulge in after bath oils. Use the oil immediately after your bath to provide long lasting nourishment thereby promoting good skin and anti oxidants.It also renders a calming and relaxing effect on the mind. Try it to believe it.

Sharing some pics of my hair, with little or no styling. I feel my hair and roots have visibly strengthened  are lustrous and look absolutely fabulous.

Thank you Seema for trusting me with your products and I really enjoyed using them. I wish you loads of success in your venture and hope you keep bringing to us your lovely creations.




Until next time Stay Fab and Keep Scribbling. 🙂

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