Birthday Love

Hey folks, it’s December and as you all know my birthday month. While, I am over excited as a child and the celebrations carry on throughout the month, however somehow, I always have mixed feelings too. Probably coz its the last month of the year and I always end up reminiscing and going back down memory lane. I end up brooding incessantly about what I could have done better, changed some events basically had a perfect year. Well, we all know that isn’t possible and nothing is perfect and I personally think the imperfections in us and our actions makes it all the more worthwhile.  What say guys?

So, anyways I decided to have a low key birthday.  Spending quality time with myself and with fewer like minded people has been a conscious effort throughout 2018. Avoiding negative vibes and situations has really helped me focus on myself and my work which I am very passionate about. And it has been a fabulous year.

So, I spent my birthday morning  with some friends over brunch and evening was dedicated to family. We stepped out for dinner and as always the only color that comes to mind for night is black. Also, I have spoken about this earlier as well, that I have been very conscious and mindful of my shopping. I have been reusing a lot of stuff and also reworking on my outfits to make them look brand new.

However, there are some things I am extremely particular about. The first is of course family time. We have always made sure that we have at least one meal together. Of course that now revolves around my son’s schedule. The second is my birthday cake. For the last so many years I have stuck to Red Velvet from Fat Cats Cafe. I have never tasted a more moist and delicious cake ever.  The third is cards. I am quite old school and I love it when my son makes cute hand made cards for me.
These are the treasures I cherish and keep it with me always.

Birthday Outfit:- I wore a black jumpsuit from  Dressbery and teamed it with a black belt by Lulu and Sky. It is a big broad belt and instantly changed my entire look. For one it gave me an awesome fitted look and since it has gold edging it also added the right amount of bling to my outfit. I paired it with black pumps and long danglers.

Sharing some pics with you guys, tell me how you liked them.


















Until next time Stay Fab and Keep Scribbling. 🙂





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