Florals,Tassels and Ponytails – Summers Calling!

Hey guyz. How have you all been? Am so sorry for being MIA. It has been crazy last two months and I just haven’t got down to writing. And the rare times I did sit down, I had a terrible block so I would just put it off till another time.

Anyways, I finally landed up with an exciting collaboration with Payless. So, I grabbed the opportunity to write a blog post around it.

Summers,for me are all about casual outfits, top knots or pony’s and lot of colour pops to tackle the heat. Yeah, colours help me be a bit more tolerant. 😉 I had to go for breakfast with my friend so I decided to curate a look featuring my floral block heel sandals that I recently got from Payless.

So I picked out a plain green dress from Van Huesen to match the floral heels. A long orange sling bag from The Purple Sack, and white tassel earrings were my choice of accessories. Some cool shades and a pop shade of coral from TheColorbar was the lipstick I wore to complete my look.

Payless is an American brand and is known not just for its value for money but also the comfort. I am a big fan for the latter for sure. I cannot wear heels for a very long time, due to a lower back issue however this brand takes care of that. The heels are super comfortable and have nice sponge fitting which makes it easy to wear them for longer hours. Their collection is trendy and has a mix of casual and party wear.  They also have socks and a variety of footwear accessories under the same brand.

Sharing some pics with you. Hope you like them.













Until Next Time Stay Fab and Keep Scribbling!


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