Ozel Homes – Luxury Inspired Innovation

Think Luxury – Think Ozel Homes!!

Enhance your beautiful home with luxurious yet functional aesthetics. Another reason for me to get excited as I had the most amazing day checking out the luxurious home decor, artefacts at Ozel store. The beautiful collection of  artsy and floral paintings, the hand cut venetian mirror collection, chandeliers, cuckoo clocks, elegant decor pieces, our complete range of high end home automation, home entertainment are all a treat to own and it was very hard to stop myself.

There is a huge variety to choose from some really perfectly curated items, which will add their own distinct charm to your home.


The best decor to enhance your home is fine art i.e. paintings. They are not just soothing to the eye but also define your walls with stories to ponder. My fav pick was of course the Buddha painting as it is so calming and soothing and one can stare at it for hours.










Mirror Mirror on the Wall…. The exquisite and posh collection of mirrors are a treat to the eye. They have a majestic feel and the patterns and sizes are really grand and make for a perfect add to your home. Since am a big fan of bling I was hooked on to the matte gold ones.
















Home Decor:

The home decor pieces are carefully selected keeping in mind, the uber homes of today, yet bringing back a dash of vintage charm.  Colourful vases, dreamy chandeliers and bold decor pieces are some of your choices at Ozel Homes.









Home Theatre:

Keeping the most interesting for the last.. A one of a kind, grand cinematic experience is what you get at Ozel Homes. It is beyond the ordinary and the technology and well designed acoustics transport you to your chosen virtual reality.

With Ozel home cinema you can customise everything about your house by just sitting in one place, through an iPad. This includes your lighting, temperature and curtain shades which can be adjusted to match your mood.

With our high end systems we offer “immersive sound” which is far advanced in comparison to surround sound. This means you can literally hear helicopter on the screen flying over your head. How cool is that? 

Some of the best Hi – end brands that are available for Home Cinema and Home Automation:

Creston, Casa Digi, PhaseTech, Devialet, Piega Switzerland, Tense, Meridian, Gallo acoustics, Barco, Epson, Sony, Dolby Atmos etc.

Speaker Devialet Phantom:
This speaker that caught my eye is one of the most expensive Bluetooth speakers. It is known for its implosive sound. This speaker might be plug and play but goes above and beyond most home cinema speakers, or home sound systems.  This speaker is known for zero distortion, zero saturation, and zero background noise.
The sound capacity of the Phantom goes up to 4500 watts and 108 decibels.


Ozel is the answer to your dreams of owning a designer luxe home without burning a hole in your pocket. The eclectic yet contemporary mix is something that definitely impresses and the collection makes and out and out classy statement.

Until next time Stay Fab & Keep Scribbling. 🙂

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