A tryst with Dorr

Hey guyz, hope you are doing well. It has been a massively long break from my end however, I have been so caught up with brand campaigns and my social media consulting that I have had zero time to focus on my own blog. And I feel absolutely terrible about it.

So, in an endeavour to get back to more blogging I decided to challenge myself and just start writing. I actually managed time despite an extremely hectic schedule and so I present to you this extremely special post. It also goes to prove that time management is all in the head. I keep wishing that I have more than 24 hours every day coz there is just so much to do, however no time is enough to accomplish all that we want, so best bet is to manage our time effectively.

That said, let us get back to the post…

I am a big fan of layering and jackets are a must in my wardrobe.  So when I received these two versatile and classic beauties from Dorr I did a happy dance.

To talk about Dorr it is a home grown online brand run by two lovely girls Madhavi and Chandani. These girls are best friends and a dynamic duo who effortlessly bring style and elements of fun in all their creations. I loved the pieces Madhavi created for me.

There are two jackets, both offering a unique style statement in gorgeous prints and colours.

The first one, a graceful, elegant, piece in maroon and beige in cotton fabric. The fact that it was so effortlessly chic made me want to style it in multiple ways. So I created two looks. One was with a saree and the other one with pants.

Since it was an outdoor shoot, I couldn’t play around much with my clothing. However, I just decided to reverse my jacket and even though it isn’t a reversible one, I just couldn’t resist styling the bright orange pop.

The second one is a tailor made for me. I did ask Madhavi if she knew my obsession for both pink and beige. Lolzz. It is such an elegant and versatile piece, a must add classic piece.  It’s all you need to change a casual day wear look to a spunky evening out with friends. The fabric is a nice cotton weave and one can pair it up with denims, skirts or even ethnic wear.

I decided to style it with a skirt and create two looks wearing the same outfit, just reversing the outfit to show the change it can bring about.

The fabric is awesome quality. It is soft, light and breathable.  The finishing is excellent and shouts a job well done.

Check out the website for the entire collection and order your statement piece.












So this is it from me guys.. .Let me know what kind of stuff would interest you, I’ll aim to write about that.

Until Next Time Stay Fab and Keep Scribbling.. ❤

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