Kronokare – Brand Beyond Boundaries

Hey guyz, Hope you all are doing well and Staying Safe. Sharing a blog post which took a while, but it is straight from the heart. 

Over the last few years I’ve consciously moved to more sustainable and organic skin and hair care. A good overall healthy lifestyle has become more of a necessity than a choice given the drastic environmental changes.  So when Kronokare  ( decided to collaborate on their best sellers, it was an opportunity for me to not just bring out the best of this brand, but also to understand how global brands are interspersing and making that difference for acceptance and tolerance across generes.  It really left me spell bound on how the tiniest detail like the packaging, aromas, brand philosophy all talk about equality and no disparity.

Kronokare is a global Indo French gender inclusive brand.   Well, why should girls have all the fun? The brand also focusses on products to combat stress, hygeine and pollution. All the products at Kronokare are unisex and work for one and all.

Needless to say, the products are in an easy affordable range and are natural, vegetarian and cruelty free. 

Sharing my personal experience after using the products,

Body Lotion Fabulous Fix – Carribean Ginger. If the name is so exotic, just imagine the product. I love body lotions and absolutely love pampering my body. In fact, I do not go a single day without applying body lotion. This one is such an aromatic heady mix and works great on normal and oily skin. Ingredients like pure ginger oil works to remove toxins and enhances skin fluid circulation. Only drawback I felt is that the fragrance of ginger doesn’t last for very long.

Hand Lotion Fabulous Fix – Carribean Ginger. I am a sucker for hand creams and fragrances and this one is just amazing. I honestly fell in love with this range mainly because of the ginger aroma, its not really strong, just right to slather over your hands for a very fresh punch. I just felt I had extremely kissable hands. 

Pollu Stop Face – Now, wellness products are an absolute necessity given our hectic and stressful schedules. Your face gets the maximum impact of all the dirt and grime and it is absolutely imperative to look after your face and maintain it’s natural youth and vigour. I liked this soft lightweight mist mainly because it has no restrictions on application and works just as beautifully. You can apply it before your moisturizer or after. You can even spray it on after your make up. It basically works as a shield so that any pollution stops before it can touch your skin. I however use it after my moisturizer and also dab it gently all over my face. 

Pollu Stop Hair Mist – Honestly, one of the most unique products I have used for my hair. I am obsessed with skin and hair care and always exploring new brands. This was such a beauty, I have an oily scalp so was a bit worried about my hair getting all limp and washed out. However, this light weight and transparent spray does nothing of that sort. It just blends in easily almost like water.  Also, leaves my hair shiny and hydrated and with a unique soft touch. It can be used before ironing or any other hair/heat styling. 

The Chill Pill Cooling Mist – I love the name of it and the mist really lives up to its name. The nice cooling peppermint is definitely going to be a treat to use in summer months. It is literally a dash of peppermint spritz that invigorates your face and body instantly.

Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist – We all love our sleep and ought to have a restful slumber. Lavender oil is known for it’s calming properties and a combination of Rosemary essential oil is just your ticket to bliss. A liberal spray over your pillow or bed spread is all you need to do to experience luxurious aromatherapy every night.

Age Prevention Daily Serum – Since we are always on the go, and want everything in quick speed, our issues also crop sooner. Ageing is imperative and we all will experience it, however if you can gracefully arrive, it’s even better and enjoyable. This serum is one product which you should add to your daily routine. I have been using it at night as well. My skin definitely feels more hydrated. It also has a nice matte finish which gives the face a nice even look.


Sharing some pictures as well.



Until next time Stay Fab & Keep Scribbling

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