Life as a Content Creator

Hello Folks. Hope the first month of the year is treating you well and we have by now accepted this new way of Life.  As cliche as it may sound, the pandemic is not over yet and we all cannot forget to Stay Safe for ourselves as well as others.

Coming back to this week’s blog post it is probably one of the most requested and my fellow content creators would agree. The topic is “A day in the Life of a Content Creator.”

So the influx of Bloggers and Creators in the last few years has glorified the profession to a great deal, however it is as ordinary and stressful as any other job. What the world sees is a fragment of the hours of sweat, hard work and a lot of planning and coordination at the back end. Not to forget that because of Instagram, everyone thinks Bloggers have a rosy life. Well, it is true to an extent thanks to all the shoots and events we get invited to, however its not our entire life just one aspect of it.

To give you a little insight in a day in my life:

Since am a mom as well, my day starts pretty early because of my son’s school. After I pack him off with a lot of struggle since we both hate waking up early, I settle down with my cup of chai and my book to see my to do list. Each night before I hit the bed, I journal my thoughts and also a POA for the next day. I am totally old school

I work with digital clients and help them with their on boarding and online presence, mornings are spent in client calls or meetings, and discussing content strategies on how to build and grow their profile. That is the lesser and non glamorous fact about me. I started working as a digital specialist even before Instagram came up, however it is my main source of income and am grateful to all the clients who believe in my abilities and trust me to handle their work. I also have two start ups I am currently working on, which take up a considerable part of my day.










I also try and plan my own content atleast 2-3 days in advance. It helps me streamline my feed for one and also am racking my brains last minute on what to post. This is actually a Pro Tip for all you creators starting out. Planning content can be a game changer. I try and shoot 2-3 times a week, as I can only manage that kind of time with the other stuff happening in my life.




















I am also very passionate about keeping a pretty home and I have OCD, So literally, a lot of time is spent in organising and re organising my home and doing up the interiors and decor around it. Did I also mention I am a hoarder? This year I need to declutter massively. But until then, I am going to make the most of my home decor.






















Coming back to a sneak peak in my life, I also enjoy cooking especially for my family and friends. I love to play hostess so that also takes up a lot of my time. I also have a small circle of very loving and trust worthy friends so we hang out a lot together and homes are the best place to unwind and make memories.










So this is it. A day in my life is as crazy, chaotic and beautiful as it can get. I hope you guys liked to read this and would shower your love on the post.


Unitl next time Stay Fab & Keep Scribbling.


This blog post is part of the blog challenge ‘Blogaberry Dazzle’ hosted by Cindy D’Silva and Noor Anand Chawla, and happily SPONSORED BY RRE Studios and SHOWCASE Events.

21 Comments Add yours

  1. Life as a mommy itself is hectic. To top it, if we are freelancing, then it’s like riding on two horses. But you are managing it so beautifully that you are a true inspiration for many Payal.


  2. Prerna Wahi says:

    Payal, you balance it all so beautifully. Really impressed with the way you plan your day and get it all done. Keep inspiring!


  3. A hectic life being a mommy and taking care of the house. You are doing fabulous work with it!


  4. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna says:

    Wow first I really like the topic of your post. I always love to know h ow others manage so many things altogether, lovely clicks and home decor. it was really great to know more about your working style and daily routine. I felt you are doing in many aspect of life.


  5. Monidipa Dutta says:

    I am not a mother but I have seen my sister in law managing between work, freelance content writing, and home and my 2 nieces. It is hard, but if there’s a will, there’s a way. Glad to see you are managing it so well…


  6. Vasumathi says:

    I have been in the writing field for close to 17 years now. In 2013, I quit my job and started off on my own. Though I am not very active on social media, I work on content creation for clients. So some part of what you have written about your day also resonates with me.


  7. You have penned it down really well. It is not easy I agree to juggle with so many things together but I think as a Women we are blessed and somehow manages everything so well.


  8. Sivaranjini Anandan says:

    Planning the post helps avoid the rush and also help maintain calm as well as write quality content to read. Nice gist.


  9. Ritu says:

    You have a lovely home, Payal. I could so relate to your post. People only see the “lifestyle” and fail to understand the amount of hard work that goes on behind the scenes. Planning the day goes a long way and I swear by Asana. Wishing you the very best.


  10. Abhijit Ray says:

    A beautiful post. You are a very organized person and a multitasker. Thank you for sharing.


  11. Sonia Madaan says:

    Thanks for sharing some great tips through the post. Agreed, being a mother I too have realized we need to be organized and follow to do lists. Hard work and patience go hand in hand.


  12. Harjeet Kaur says:

    You seem to have it all together my dear. You are so well organised. I am not working professionally but yes, I am a freelance content writer( right now without any work) Food is my niche and I am a one-man army..I cook, I shoot, I edit, I write, I post. All this is okay but now people want to see me on cam…How can I cook and look cool as a cucumber in a blazing city that I live in 🙂
    PS..I started blogging at the age of I am 57. Any tips would be welcome as I am technically challenged

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can so relate, I started Fashion Blogging at 35 when most of my peers are atleast 10 years younger to me. I feel you are inspiring and it is only our passion which keeps us going and does not withhold us. Thank You. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  13. timble123 says:

    I liked your idea of planning what to write one day in advance. Will do that now.


    1. The Content Creators put so much of effort, be innovative as well as consistent. Thanks for giving a sneak peak into your life.


  14. Bhawna Shah says:

    I have a request, could you please create a detailed post on your planning and executing your blog with your tips. You are an organized person with a number of qualities.


  15. Loved the organised pics too! Giving us a sneak peak into your life makes one feel we can use the day well and be productive. Most bloggers are now into creating content for various other platforms too. Good to have read this post.


  16. You are so well organised .Really impressed with the way you plan your day and get it all done. Keep inspiring!


  17. Amritha Srinath says:

    I know that being a mom it is so difficult to juggle work along with parenting. But you are acing it. These tips are wonderful. Planning the content is what helps in building our blog or the brand.


  18. Thank you for giving us a sneak peek into your daily life. I agree blogging is no easy job like people think, managing other things needs quality time as well, and you are doing so good 🙂


  19. hey good to know about the personal bits dear. it’s a really good way to keep readers close and share your authenticity in the process


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