Festive Ready With VLCC

The Pandemic has clearly changed our outlook and perspective on various levels.

For me Grooming and Salon experience changed an absolute 360′. And since I love pampering myself to good skin care, I got the parlour experience home with VLCC.

VLCC is a cult favourite brand which has grown to become a household name in its 30 years of existence. The brand is famous for a host of wellness and beauty products at extrmely affordable pricing and effective results.

VLCC is synonomous not just for personal use but also as a commercial A lister for Top Beauty Salons.

With the festive season around the corner, I decided to try this kitfl from VLCC and I wasn’t disappointed.
Papaya is considered a super skin food and rich in Vitamin A and has enzymes like Papain which gently exfoliates dead cells, and cleanse the skin for that radiant glow.

This one has been a life saver. A 6 step easy to use on oneself facial treatment to give a perfect refreshing parlour like glow thanks to a combination of fruits and vegetables extracts.

The facial kit includes:
– Comfrey Cleanser cum Toner
– Papaya Seed Scrub
– Cucumber Gel
– Peach Massage Cream
– Orange Anti-Tan Pack
– Oil Free Moisturising Gel
This Facial kit comes in a cardboard box with all the details given at the back of the box. You just have to use the tubes one by one and follow the instructions.

As much as I love a nice salon session, however this was the closest it can get and I thoroughly enjoyed my Facial session with VLCC. I could feel a visible glow and supple fresh skin.
The effect lasted for a few days, and my skin felt healthier and stronger. However, the good thing is that the kit is extremely affordable. So it’s something one can indulge in guilt free and without burning a whole in the pocket.

I also got to try out the Charcoal Scrub and Peel off Mask and loved how my skin felt so thoroughly cleansed and moisturised as well.
The scrub has moroccan clay and charcoal which works effectively to pull out toxins and remove dead cells, leaving a rejuvenated youthful skin.
I am a lil wary of peel off masks since I’ve sensitive skin which tends to become red on pulling the peel offs. However, this one was not too bad. I loved the combination of ingredients like Vitamin C, Exotic Mulberry, Rose water, Lemon oil and Turmeric Oil. All power packed ingredients in one mask which is powered by 100% activated charcoal.

To conclude it was an absolute delight to pamper myself with these wonderful products by VLCC for a healthy youthful glow and am all set to bring in the festive season.

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